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Want to help out at this year's NH TechFest?

We are looking for volunteers to help with:
  • Registration
  • Meet & greet
  • Serve as exhibitor hosts
  • Conduct surveys
  • and more
Contact us today and let us know that you are interested in helping out at NH Techfest. Any and all efforts are greatly appreciated!

NH TechFest is a career-oriented Science and Technology festival designed just for Teens. We want you to come see all the exciting things our exhibitors have brought to show you.  Things you won’t see in school, maybe not even on the Internet, perhaps ideas that you have never even dreamed existed…

So this is what you have to do…

  • Put SATURDAY October 24th, 2015 into your phone calendar now! Have it remind you that this is an important date.
  • Get transportation to Windham High School, 64 London Bridge Road Windham, NH. (see directions link on home page)
  • Bring your friends- Tweet or Facebook them that you’re going to NH TechFest. It’s Free and Fun!
  • Check our school list to see if your teachers will grant extra credit for participating in NH TechFest. If you do not see them listed – get them to sign on.   Hey – it might be worth a homework pass or a better grade!
  • Want the inside job? Volunteer to help us – sign up (it’s community service after all)
  • Do you have buddies who like to see things fly through the air and explode on impact? Sure you do – put together a team for our Trebuchet competition, get a teacher to be your mentor, and sign up. Prizes are for school based teams.

NH TechFest needs you! This is a STEM career festival to celebrate the applications of the things you are teaching in your classes. Let's make learning relevant and stimulating. Why is math and science important? They form the basis of all the amazing technological advances we use everyday - cell phones, ipods, computers, HD TV, GPS...and yes - Virtual reality!

  • • Tell your students about NH TechFest and why they should go - it's Fun, Free, and Cool!
  • • Tell your colleagues too - even if they teach other subjects.
  • • Offer extra credit or a homework pass to your students.
  • Volunteer to help - we need all kinds of skills.
  • • Ask if CEUs are available.

NH TechFest is a chance for your teenager to talk directly with scientists, engineers, technologists, as well as the companies and university groups involved in the innovative careers of the future. What do they want to be when they grow up? How do they get to their dream job? What kind of schooling will be necessary? Do they have to go to college? What do they major in? 

  • • So put Saturday, October 24th, 2015 on your calendar.
  • • Arrange to get your teenager to Windham High School, in Windham NH.
  • • You are welcome to come too, or better yet, sign up as a Volunteer!